sexta-feira, maio 12, 2006

Universal Connections

Universal Connections é um projecto do colectivo dialog05, cujas criações são híbridos curiosos entre o digital e o analógico, entre hi-tech e objectos quotidianos.

Esta é a descrição do projecto, pelos autores:
objects between analogue and digital

what is the difference between analogue and digital, physical and virtual? what connects and bridges these apparently different worlds?

this is the area we wanted to explore with our universal connections experiment and project. It is a question that each member of dialog05 addresses on a daily basis as an industrial designer creating consumer products.

USB, an abbreviation for a technical user interface, is nowadays often used as a synonym for a universal connection. originally only used by computer experts and nerds, this so-called former high-tech standard has developed into an every-day item and low-tech symbol for such universal connections.

this is an example of technology being clearly understood and accepted by the general public. something democratic evolves and develops and therefore often even receives a totally different usage than was originally intended. given the current, often exotic use of USB, it would even be argued that there is a 'USB subculture'!

this phenomena inspired us to use the USB interface, with all its possibilities and ambiguities as a medium for this project. we created installations, objects and products that are surprising, enlightening, inspiring and questioning, and on the other hand ironic or even amusing.

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